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‘Over Here, Over There’ Podcast Launches Everywhere

8 APRIL, 2021

Local views on global topics: In the new podcast ‘Over Here, Over There’ stellar guests from different countries and backgrounds discuss with hosts Dan Harris and Claudia Koestler what we can learn from each other in the aim of improving international relations. The podcast is available on all major platforms.

Seeking to help create a better understanding between countries and cultures, ‘Over Here, Over There’ highlights a variety of issues across social, political and economic divides in an insightful and entertaining way.

‘We basically want to learn what is being done on a certain issue ‘over there’ so we can possibly adapt and improve our own situation over here,’ says Dan Harris (below right). ‘Lately, we’ve seen walls going up, and divisions growing between and within countries. We believe more conversation, more sharing of ideas is needed to change things for the better.’

American-born Dan Harris, now based in Cheltenham, UK, is Director of the management consultancy, HymnSheet Ltd. and high technology industry veteran with experience in the media, where he first came up with the idea for the podcast. He partnered with German-born Claudia Koestler (right), Senior Editor of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung in Munich, Germany’s largest quality newspaper. Claudia thinks the time is right for a podcast that gives a personal angle behind the issues, which people from different countries can relate to.

‘The common denominator is to listen and learn from each other`, says Claudia Koestler, who herself has lived and traveled across many countries and speaks several languages. ‘Every issue is important, but we also try to have good laugh, too.’

‘Over Here, Over There’, has released its first two episodes with guests from Japan, UK, Germany and USA. More will be released on a weekly basis, beginning Thursday, 8th of April.

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