HymnSheet helps clients go to market effectively 

while minimizing operational risk.


Sales and Marketing

Sales strategies, CRM, channel partners, product marketing, pricing, branding and PR, social media, market automation - we'll work on every aspect and put it all together for you.

Business Planning

Moving forward with a plan provides the best chance of success. We'll make sure your company sings from the same HymnSheet by building a great plan that's right for your business.​


Expanding your reach is vital to growth, but doing it the right way is not always straight forward. Developing alliances, distributors, resellers and outside investment can help or hurt your business. Give us a call and get it right.

Operational Risk

Reducing operational risk and keeping focused on corporate goals is not only smart. It's vital, for your business and your sanity. With our great experience, we can help.


We can develop your company's voice so you speak as one. We'll also provide killer content that's effective and integrated across all channels and formats.


Expanding into Europe or the USA? Whether a start-up or large enterprise, we have the support ecosystem which will help you make it happen.


HymnSheet is dedicated to improving the strategic performance of our clients in the UK and globally. With decades of corporate and consulting experience, HymnSheet bridges the divide between Sales, Marketing, IT and other key functions and partners, and makes them smarter and work more effectively together. HymnSheet provides risk management and integrated sales and marketing solutions which help ensure you achieve your business objectives.

Using innovative management tools, HymnSheet evaluates clients’ integrated performance and risk exposure when implementing strategic and tactical plans. HymnSheet aligns strategies and resources to corporate goals and helps your company win as a team.


Dan Harris


Managing Director

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Louis Ebune

Sr. Vice President

Operational Risk

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Nael Islam

Senior Advisor

Human Resources

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